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I'm confused -- come join me.

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April 22nd, 2014, I Belong Here
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July 5th, 2013, Black and white
September 23rd, 2013, Taches de vin
January 26th, 2014, 2820 miles
March 13th, 2014, diamonds, bones, and oak spirits
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October 7th, 2013, a tribute to robert frost
May 10th, 2014, Sumus de stellis

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"You can tell a lot about a person by what they write, but there are lots of other ways to get an idea of who they are. What they wear; what they read; what their room looks like; what posters they hang on their walls; what they keep in their bedside drawer. If you're like me, bored with answering the same questions, then feel free to jump in and show your watchers who you are in a different way.
 :D (Big Grin)"
- words from SilverInkblot, the meme's creator

now, what do we do?
Bullet; Pink Post a selfie.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your bed.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your bookshelf.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of one of your more unusual possessions.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of a favorite accessory you love to wear.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of something you've had since childhood.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your pet(s).
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your neighborhood.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your closet.
Bullet; Pink Post a photo of your shoes.
Bullet; Blue a short description after each photo would be sweet.
 Untitled by tirasunilUntitled by tirasunilUntitled by tirasunil

So, the one on the far left is me taking a photo in my bed at my old house -- the one in the middle, I'm in front of my friend's store at the stoplight in my old neighborhood, and the one on the right, I'm at work in the city close to where I lived, doing yardwork and landscaping. I couldn't find any good selfies of me since June, so I figured these would do. 

Untitled by tirasunil

This is my bed at school, with my roommate on the top bunk and me on the bottom. I have my stuffed animal dudes in that net over there, and my favorite chair right next to my head. 

Untitled by tirasunilUntitled by tirasunil

So the one on the left is a super shitty picture of one section of one of my bookshelves at home -- I have one full of antique books and collectibles in my closet, and the other half of this row and the shelf above that one are classics and favorites of mine, I just somehow managed to get a bunch of dumb ones in this picture. This picture on the right encapsulates the few books I have at school, sent to me by my mother so I would have some solid poetry to read, even if I had to shove it to the back of a shelf.

Unusual Possession: 
Untitled by tirasunil

Yes, this is a plastic box of hedgehogs and mice. My girlfriend and I trade it off when we see each other, because I'm at school 4 hours away from her. It gives us something to hold onto when the other of us isn't there. 

Untitled by tirasunil

So this is my third pair of frames -- my first pair lasted less than a week in June of 2012, my second pair lasted probably 4 months this year, and this is my third attempt, almost 4 weeks now. People used to call me a hipster for wanting to wear glasses that weren't prescription, but I like them for how they make me feel: older, wiser, more mysterious, like there's something behind the glass worth looking into. I broke both of the first two pairs out of frustration.

Childhood Possession:
Untitled by tirasunil

This is Nibbles, who I found at the Raleigh flea market when I was about three years old. He's been my constant companion ever since, coming with me on every trip I've taken and comforting me when I was sick or down. Now, after many years, he's been joined by some friends: 
Untitled by tirasunil

-The black bear with corduroys is Pandarilla, who I made at my Build-a-Bear 5-year-old birthday party and who was my twin on Twin Day my senior year of high school because my best friend found someone else. 

-Sitting on his lap is Tweety Bird, unmistakable, born in 1987, and so the oldest of the group. He was the favorite toy of my family's dog Jack, who was born that same year, and who died in '98, when I was a wee pup. Tweety has been my friend ever since.

-The fella above Nibbles is Cooper, a beagle, given to me by my loving girlfriend our first Christmas together in 2011. She sprayed him with my favorite perfume, so you can bet I've slept with him every night since then. 

-Finally, the plump fox is Viggo Montego, the most recent addition to the crew (February 2015) and also a gift from the girl. 

Untitled by tirasunil
These are my babies, Rosie and Kaiju, laying on my bed at the new/old house. Rosie, who turns 8 sometime this month, is a beagle given to my family by my uncle in 2008, and Kaiju, 2, is a boxador that we rescued from being hit in the street outside our old house in 2013. This is Rosie's second time living in this house -- she lived here from 08-10 -- and Kaiju's second time living in any house at all. You can see they have a tough life. ;)

Untitled by tirasunil

So I don't have any pictures of my current neighborhood (which I had lived in from 04-10, and now again) or from my last neighborhood (10-15). But I do have this picture of the campus outside my dorm window, the lights of Overlook Hall shining brightly in the dark.

Untitled by tirasunil
Once again, no photo of my most recent closet, which was a clusterfuck, or a photo of my home closet, but here is my space on the right and my roommate's space on the left. I am a Christian, I play a cajon, and I wear a lot of short-sleeve button-downs, as you can see from this picture.

Untitled by tirasunil

My shoes are the second shelf from the top, my roommate's on the bottom. This is first time I've ever had less than ten pairs of shoes to wear. SIX!!!

Well that was mine, I tag chromeantennae , gliitchlord and GuinevereToGwen to do the same thing.

It took me a long-ass time to get around to this though, IyraEMM . Sorry about that. :)
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